AmeriCorps VISTA Program

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members serve with organizations that are working to eradicate poverty. AmeriCorps VISTA members build capacity through indirect service and sustainability projects in nonprofit organizations and public agencies to help them more effectively generate resources and empower individuals and communities in service. NNCC has hosted AmeriCorps VISTAs since 2003, expanding to different project areas in public health and accessing health care services throughout Philadelphia and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania.

Click on each of the current NNCC AmeriCorps VISTA Projects below to learn more:

PHMC Health Network VISTA 

  • The proposed Health Network VISTA position will support expanding several key Health Network initiatives to ensure quality, comprehensive primary medical and behavioral healthcare services to Philadelphia's underserved communities. A majority of patients live below the federal poverty level, and have a higher incidence of chronic disease than the general population. The Health Network VISTA will be integrally involved in three key Health Network programs, including social determinants of health, HIV education, and integrated staff training.

Public Health Management Corporation Center of Excellence 

    • The PHMC COE program, within the PHMC Health Network, is a model of coordinated care that utilizes a Community Based Care Management (CBCM) team of social workers and care managers to assist patients experiencing opioid use disorders (OUD). The CBCM team acts as recovery support and social service navigators by assisting participants with developing goal plans and accessing appropriate treatment and resources. The VISTA will work to streamline the expansion of the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) in additional PHMC health centers in Philadelphia by supporting data collection, program tracking and assessment as well as grant writing and other funding endeavors. 

NNCC Infectious Disease Surveillance Expansion VISTA 

    • The goal of the hepatitis B elimination project is to increase infectious disease knowledge, awareness, and prevention service capacity to ensure underserved populations in Philadelphia have the tools needed to avoid contracting HBV and minimize health disparities. The project also aims to increase disease identification capacity, linkage to care support, and treatment availability prevent detrimental outcomes. The VISTA will assist in creating and disseminating educational materials that will include vaccination recommendations, cultural competency and language access feedback, and harm reduction approaches to mitigate health disparities. 

NNCC Expansion of Nurse Home Visiting Services 

    • Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) and the Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program (MM) are evidence-based early childhood home visitation programs serving low-income women and children. Together with NNCC, program goals include better pregnancy outcomes; improved child health and development; increased school readiness; and greater economic self-sufficiency for families. The VISTA will support NNCC in researching community resources for families, development relationships with essential organizations, and sustaining development through external partnerships. 

Nurse Family Partnership Legal Services 

    • The VISTA will support NFP to sustain and improve the systems developed for data management, event coordination for continued public health nursing education, and fundraising and grant writing capacity for long-term development and growth of the organization’s legal services offered to underserved low-income mothers. The VISTA will support NFP to maintain strong relationships with program partners and other stakeholders to ensure effective communication and integration of services to improve the lives of Philadelphia families struggling with housing and other legal issues. 

Turning Points for Children VISTA 

    • The TP4C VISTA will align with Economic Opportunity goals set forth in the AmeriCorps VISTA guidance for this year by helping to streamline organization efforts to ensure that youth aging out of the foster care system have resources needed to support themselves through employment and receiving appropriate health care and reintegration services, that youth remain safe from violent crime, and that youth complete post- secondary education or training for continued development. 

Health Promotion Council Training and Capacity Building Program 

    • Diabetes Prevention Program VISTA: The VISTA will design a sustainable program delivery model, utilized by HPC as an Umbrella Hub Organization, for the operation of National Diabetes Prevention Programming (DPP). This project includes participant recruitment and retention, delivery, acceptance of referrals, and records compliance in accordance with CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program and Medicare standards. The VISTA will expand partnerships with DPP suppliers to increase program delivery and conserve resources, which may enable an increase in frequency of programming and/or availability of social determinant of health supports that have been shown to improve adoption of health education offerings, particularly among low-income individuals.
    • Chronic Disease Self-Management Program VISTA: The VISTA will develop a comprehensive and integrated network of program recruitment, delivery, referral partners, and implement best practices for engaging low-income residents in vulnerable sections of Philadelphia, specifically African-Americans and other minorities with chronic disease self-management education, program enrollment and retention for the prevention and management of chronic disease, arthritis, and chronic pain. The VISTA will expand partnerships to reach more diverse populations and fill gaps in care and education to assist individuals in achieving optimal health outcomes. 

Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network 

    • The VISTA will help people overcome poverty by empowering community members and facilitating institutionalized enhancement to our organization which includes an outcome measurement of those being served. The VISTA member will be charged with expanding the capacity of PIHN’s volunteer programs beyond the shelter hosting assignments to a skill-based volunteer program to staff the anti-poverty aspects of PIHN’s work. The VISTA will build the capacity for in-kind donation collection and storage through enhanced policies and procedures and organize a database of community resources for PIHN residents and alumni who have secured stable housing, as well as assisting PIHN in outcome measurement focusing on long term outcomes. 

Interested in Hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member at your organization?

To be considered for the 2021-2022 AmeriCorps VISTA Program Year, please submit an application by February 28, 2021: NNCC AmeriCorps VISTA Program - Host Site Request for Application

For questions about the application process, please contact Christine Simon, Senior Project Manager,