National Nurse-Led Care Consortium Research & Evaluation Services: Request for Information

Oct 20, 2021 | Nurse-Led Care News |

National Nurse-Led Care Consortium: The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) is a membership organization that supports nurse-led care and nurses at the front lines of care.  NNCC provides expertise to support comprehensive, community-based primary care. This includes policy research and advocacy, technical assistance and support, and direct, nurse-led healthcare services.

Training, Technical Assistance and Practice Transformation Education: NNCC provides training, technical assistance, and practice transformation services to a national network of clinical practices serving low-income communities, including federally qualified health centers (CHCs) and nurse-managed health centers (NMHCs). NNCC provides national-level training and technical assistance (T/TA) to health centers through several federally-funded grant programs. T/TA stakeholders include, but are not limited to, CHCs that serve residents of public housing, university-affiliated and other privately owned NMHCs, statewide professional associations (of CHCs and nursing professionals), state workforce centers, and more. Assessment and program planning activities include, but are not limited to, needs assessment surveys, practice gap analysis activities, strategic planning, stakeholder interviews, literature reviews, and more. T/TA services are varied and dependent on funding objectives as well as the needs of T/TA clients and stakeholders.

RFI Purpose: NNCC is seeking research and evaluation capacity information from potential qualified individuals and consulting groups to support our T/TA services, in particular.  NNCC is looking to enter into a master services agreement with a qualified vendor to support several task orders. Work would take place remotely in collaboration with NNCC T/TA staff between October 2021 and July 2022. The overall contract agreement would be annual in nature, with the option to renew annually.

NNCC is interested in partnering with woman and minority-owned entities in particular due to the patient-facing nature of much of this work. 

Project Scope: Exact task order scope will be determined on an individual basis, but generally NNCC would like support for the following program research and evaluation services:

  • Conduct data analyses stemming from NNCC programmatic surveys – analyzing raw data stemming from or in preparation for T/TA programming. May include aggregate patient health data, cost data, social determinants of health, workforce and practice capacity data, and more;
  • Conduct environmental scans to support NNCC T/TA program planning – research on best practices and promising practices, case studies, literature reviews, analysis of the medical neighborhood, and gaps in service;
  • Compile summary reports of information collected through focus groups, stakeholder interviews, survey campaigns, and more – developing and delivering survey campaigns, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews; developing reports making use of data collected by NNCC and their partners; and
  • Deliver executive summaries and reports – based on evaluation data collected by NNCC from T/TA program participants, from survey efforts like those mentioned above, and for a variety of audiences including funders, federal partners, internal use, and more.


Delivery: Delivery of work products will vary by task order. However, most work products will be developed remotely without necessary travel, with findings delivered via a written report and live, virtual presentation to NNCC leadership and program staff. The exact format of deliverables will be agreed upon by both NNCC program leads and the vendor. All projects will be completed in the FY22 fiscal year ending on June 30, 2022.

Pricing: NNCC expects task order work issued under this master services agreement to total of up to $40,000. There is no guarantee of funding until task order work plans are agreed to in writing.

This document shall not be construed as a request or authorization to perform work at NNCC’s expense.  Any work performed by a vendor will be at the vendor's own discretion and expense.  This RFI does not represent a commitment to purchase or lease.  Initial estimates are non-binding, and final costs and reimbursement will be agreed to by both parties as part of the contractual agreement.

Instructions to Submit Information: Responses to this RFI should be emailed to Casey Alrich at by no later than November 30, 2021 by close of business. Please address questions about this request for proposals to Casey Alrich.

Information Requested: Please provide the following information (not to exceed 15 pages):

  • Organization name and address
  • Name, title, address, telephone and e-mail for the primary contact
  • Number of years organization has been in business
  • Experience conducting research & evaluation work with CHCs, NMHCs, or other safety-net practices
  • Indicate functional areas of expertise, most recent experience, and an estimate of cost* for services listed below:
    • Data analysis;
    • Environmental scans;
    • Summary survey reports;
    • Executive summaries;
  • Ability to provide culturally appropriate, research and evaluation services to a diverse network of clinical providers, patients, and communities. Also, indicate if your company has a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) or Disabled Business Enterprise (DBE) certification/designation.


*Cost estimates should be based on past work if possible. NNCC asks that vendor cost estimates include an estimate of the number of hours devoted to the tasks, along with an hourly rate, and any other project costs.

Any information of a confidential or proprietary nature contained in a vendor response should be clearly marked ‘PROPRIETARY’ or ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ by item or at the top of each page.  Reasonable precautions will be taken to safeguard any part of the response identified by a vendor as being confidential or proprietary.

Scoring Criteria: We will score vendors based on skillset, experience of the vendor, price, MWBE status, and other factors at our discretion.

Terms and Conditions:

VENDOR(S) hereby affirms that all prices quoted under this RFP and any subsequent Agreement will be consistent with Federal Cost Principles.

Both parties agree that in the performance of this Agreement, there will be no discrimination against any individual or groups on account of any Federal, State or Local law, regulation or rule, including but not limited to race, color, gender, sexual preference, religious creed, ancestry, disability, age or national origin. Receipt by either party of evidence of such discrimination shall be cause for termination.

Vendor acknowledges that NNCC’s regular functions may include management of and assistance to health care activities and can extend to management services for procurement similar to that which is requested under this RFI.  Vendor agrees that such activities and functions of NNCC shall not constitute a violation of any Agreement or of any obligations entered into as a result of this RFI.


Limitation of Liability: Submitting a proposal does not obligate NNCC to enter into an agreement with any vendor. THE NNCC will not pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a vendor’s submitted proposal.           



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