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Date Title Category
May 20, 2021 Coordination Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV Treatment in Primary Care Hepatitis
Apr 27, 2021 Harm Reduction Strategies for Medical Professionals Hepatitis
Mar 18, 2021 Solutions to Improve HCV Cure Rates in HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients Hepatitis
Mar 16, 2021 Managing Hepatitis B Care for High Risk African and Caribbean Populations Hepatitis
Mar 04, 2021 Module 1: Cultural and Self-Humility with Nationalities Services Center - Populations at Risk for HepB Hepatitis
Nov 10, 2020 Viral Hepatitis: The Path to Elimination – Review and Resources for Nurse Home Visitors Hepatitis
Oct 30, 2020 Philadelphia Hepatitis B Surveillance Project Hepatitis
Jul 27, 2020 Evaluating Vaccination and Treatment of Hepatitis B for People Who Use Drugs Hepatitis
May 27, 2020 Identifying and Managing Hepatitis B at the Primary Care Level During COVID-19 Hepatitis
Dec 03, 2019 Part 4: Expanding Medication-Assisted Therapy in Philadelphia, PA Hepatitis
Nov 12, 2019 Part 3: Implementing an Enhanced HCV Screening Model in Iowa Hepatitis
Oct 29, 2019 Part 2: Combined Infectious Disease and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment with Special Populations Hepatitis
Oct 15, 2019 Part 1: The Intersection of Opioids and Hepatitis in the US and Resources Available Hepatitis
May 07, 2019 Addressing the Emerging HCV and Opioid Use Disorder Epidemics Hepatitis
Jan 31, 2019 Exploring Strategies to Support HCV Programming in Community Health Centers Hepatitis
Oct 31, 2018 How Economic Analysis Can Enhance Health Center Hep C Virus Screening Programs Hepatitis
Aug 31, 2016 Implementation of an HCV Test and Treat Model in Five Community Health Centers Hepatitis