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Date Title Category
Oct 23, 2019 Part 1: Best Practices to Prevent Lead Poisoning: What Families Need to Know Environmental Health
Feb 05, 2020 Part 1: It's Complicated: Understanding the Complex Landscape of Justice-Involvement for Health Center Patients and Their Care Teams Social Determinants of Health
Oct 15, 2019 Part 1: The Intersection of Opioids and Hepatitis in the US and Resources Available Hepatitis
Oct 29, 2019 Part 2: Combined Infectious Disease and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment with Special Populations Hepatitis
Mar 04, 2020 Part 2: Now What? Looking at the Health Center Role in Addressing the Needs of Justice-Involved Patients Social Determinants of Health
Nov 13, 2019 Part 2: Strategies for Improved Indoor Air Quality and Resident Health Environmental Health
Nov 20, 2019 Part 3: Climate Change and Considerations for Health Care Environmental Health
Nov 12, 2019 Part 3: Implementing an Enhanced HCV Screening Model in Iowa Hepatitis
Dec 03, 2019 Part 4: Expanding Medication-Assisted Therapy in Philadelphia, PA Hepatitis
Dec 04, 2019 Part 4: Exploring Neighborhood Factors that Impact Health Environmental Health
Aug 22, 2018 Pathophysiology and Treatment of Opioid-Induced Nausea Nursing Practice and Transformation
Nov 13, 2018 Patient Safety and the Consumer Experience Professional Development
Jul 09, 2019 Patients as Care Team Members - Case Study Team-Based Care
Feb 11, 2019 Personal Protective Equipment Emergency Preparedness
Oct 30, 2020 Philadelphia Hepatitis B Surveillance Project Hepatitis
Mar 20, 2018 Planning for Specific Hazards - Bolstering Health Center Staff Readiness for an Outbreak Emergency Preparedness
Mar 19, 2018 Planning for Specific Hazards - Bolstering Health Center Staff Readiness for an Outbreak (Slides) Emergency Preparedness
Jul 11, 2018 Poorly Controlled Diabetes: A Complex Disease State Nursing Practice and Transformation
May 27, 2020 Practice Authority: COVID-19 and the Changing Role of the NP Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Oct 29, 2018 Preparing for Value-Based Care: A Guide for Health Centers Team-Based Care