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Date Title Category
Dec 03, 2020 Nurse Case Management: Strengthening Patient Engagement Across the HCV Care Continuum Patient Engagement
Nov 19, 2020 Integrating Smoking Cessation Services in Community-Based Primary Care Social Determinants of Health
Nov 18, 2020 Health Challenges Faced by LGBT Youth Professional Development
Nov 10, 2020 Viral Hepatitis: The Path to Elimination – Review and Resources for Nurse Home Visitors Hepatitis
Oct 30, 2020 Philadelphia Hepatitis B Surveillance Project Hepatitis
Oct 29, 2020 Mental Health Care and Chronic Pain Management Amid COVID-19 Patient Engagement
Oct 14, 2020 Providing Affirming Nursing Care for Black LGBTQ Community Members Professional Development
Oct 06, 2020 Disasters and the Death Certificate: Certifying Deaths in Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness
Sep 29, 2020 Addressing Racism in Pain Management Amid COVID-19 Patient Engagement
Sep 16, 2020 Informing Nursing Practice to Deliver Effective Healthcare to Sexual and Gender Minority Populations Professional Development
Aug 25, 2020 Addressing Pain Management Disparities in Black Americans Patient Engagement
Aug 12, 2020 The Unique Role of the NP to Mitigate Burn-Out in the Clinical Setting Professional Development
Aug 05, 2020 Supporting Clinicians to Promote Brain Health Equity in Older Latinos Professional Development
Jul 20, 2020 Support for New Graduate Nurses in Fostering Moral Resiliency Professional Development
Jul 27, 2020 Evaluating Vaccination and Treatment of Hepatitis B for People Who Use Drugs Hepatitis
Jul 22, 2020 Using the Human-Centered Approach of Design Thinking to Improve Health and Healthcare Nursing Practice and Transformation
Jul 16, 2020 Pain Management and Racism in Healthcare Spaces Patient Engagement
Jul 01, 2020 Tools for Nurse Managers in Fostering Moral Resiliency on their Units Professional Development
Jun 11, 2020 Tools for Nurse Managers in Fostering Personal Moral Resiliency Professional Development
May 27, 2020 Practice Authority: COVID-19 and the Changing Role of the NP Coronavirus (COVID-19)