Community Violence and Mental Health: Health Center Strategies for Violence Prevention and Intervention

Dec 15, 2021  02:00 PM  EST

Community violence is an urgent public health issue and an important social determinant of health. Experiencing or witnessing community violence can impact one’s physical, psychological, and emotional health. Community health centers can play a unique role in identifying, treating, and preventing violence exposure. This is part three of a three-part webinar series that will discuss the impact of community violence on the mental health of patients and health center staff, and showcase health center-based violence prevention and intervention strategies. Each webinar is structured to allow for a brief didactic, facilitated panel discussion, and Q&A. This session will showcase health center-based anti-violence partnerships and practices. Subject matter experts will share how health center staff can create and advocate for violence prevention and intervention practices in their workplace and in their community.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the root causes of community violence
  2. Learn about the role of health professionals and health centers in violence prevention and intervention
  3. Identify how health centers can participate in activism in the context of community violence


Audience: Clinical and Non Clinical Health Center Staff, Community Partners, Academic Institutions 

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Continuing Education Credits

Registration is free of charge and 1.5 CEU will be offered for each training. Attendees must complete the evaluation to receive CEU certificate. Learn more here.



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