Optimizing Nurse Care Coordinators in Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatment Webinar

Dec 08, 2021  04:00 PM  EST

Please join the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium for a webinar on Optimizing Nurse Care Coordinators in Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatment where we will hear from our expert panel as they discuss real-world examples of successful HCV treatment programs where the Nurse Care Coordinator role was key to developing best practice and positive patient outcomes. Hear about the early stages of program development and implementation in both a rural and urban setting, and how the provider and RN team successfully treated hundreds of patients. We will share workflows and other tools as well as data to support making the case for RN-led programs in the primary care setting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the unique role an RN can play in care coordination of HCV.
  2. Discuss data and best practices for implementing an RN-led HCV treatment program in primary care.
  3. Describe how a piloted program could be funded and later sustained within the CHC primary care setting.
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Continuing Education Credits

Registration is free of charge and 1.0 CEUs will be offered for each Module training. Attendees must complete the evaluation to receive CEU certificate. Learn more here.



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