School Readiness and Advancing Student Health Through Collaboration

Aug 12, 2022  01:00 PM  EST | Past Webinars |

Join speakers Linda Mendonca, President of the National Association of School Nurses, and Tammy Alexander, VP of State Relations at the School-Based Health Alliance. Their presentation will explore the impact of the COVID pandemic on school-based health and the growing role of school nurses. Additionally, Clarissa Collier, a school nurse based in Philadelphia, will share her personal experience educating students and parents about the COVID vaccine through a collaborative pilot project with NNCC and a local museum. This webinar is part of our Nurse-Led Forum on Vaccine Confidence.

Slide Deck:

#NursesMakeChangeHappen Vaccine Toolkit

This toolkit was created to give nurses the tools to do their part in the national vaccine effort. It is designed to help you decrease vaccine hesitancy and increate vaccination rates in your community. 



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