Expanding Access to Healthcare for All

NNCC advocates for policies that will expand access to care by building capacity for the nursing workforce and advancing strategies that target under-resourced populations. Our strategies to increase healthcare access include advocating for increased funding, pushing regulatory and legislative change, and supporting innovative, evidence-based public health programs. You can read more about our specific initiatives below:

Protect and expand funding for home visiting programs

NNCC recognizes public health nurse home visiting as a gold standard in evidenced-based, nurse-led care. Click here to learn more.

Advocate for all nurses to be able to work to their full scope of practice

NNCC believes nurses should be empowered to practice to the full scope of their training. Click here to learn more about full practice authority.

Advance strategies that will reduce maternal morbidity and related health disparities

Racial disparities in maternal health outcomes are stark and persistent: Non-Hispanic black women experience maternal deaths at a rate three to four times that of non-Hispanic white women. Maternal deaths have tragic physical, emotional and socio-economic impact on children, families, and our communities. In 2018, nine state-level maternal mortality review committees estimated that over 60% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. NNCC seeks to support programs and policies working toward reducing health disparities, improving maternal health, and preventing maternal deaths.

Uphold and improve the Affordable Care Act

NNCC supports the protection and expansion of the Affordable Care Act to cover more families with affordable, high quality insurance. NNCC acknowledges the great public health benefits of access to insurance for all, including college students, those with pre-existing conditions, and the underinsured.

Build the capacity of community health centers

Recognizing that community health centers are on the front lines of treating underserved populations, NNCC is committed to supporting their funding and development. As a member of the Friends of HRSA, NNCC advocates for health center appropriations. NNCC’s technical assistance team ensures that community health centers have access to current, state of the art training and technical assistance to improve the efficiency and quality of the services they provide.

Reform Medicaid reimbursement to recognize the nursing workforce and alternative forms of care

NNCC recognizes that nurses are at the core of the healthcare workforce. Although insurers and patients alike understand the value of nursing services, Medicaid billing models fail to recognize the contributions of nurses and APRNs fully. Improved and expanded reimbursement models will increase access to care. These forms of care include but are not limited to IBCLCS, APRNs, and perinatal doula services.

Increase access to innovative forms of Non-Emergent Medical Transit (NEMT)

NNCC seeks to support access and improvement in non-emergent transportation of patients and their children to healthcare services. NEMT partnerships which involve GPS utilization, complaint resolution, reduced “will-call” times, and mandatory reminder calls are associated with reductions in appointment no-shows and transportation costs for individuals and healthcare institutions.




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