Supporting the Nursing Workforce

Nurse-Led Care Conference 2018

The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium works to support the growing and changing needs of the nursing workforce, empowering nurses to make positive change both within and outside of the healthcare setting. NNCC acts as an ally to other nursing organizations across the country, ensuring a unified voice in government on behalf of nurses’ needs. NNCC’s goals are to:

Build the capacity of nurses as advocates

NNCC works to increase space for nurses to be advocates on behalf of their profession and policies related to the health and welfare of the public.

Engage with the national nursing community

As an active member of the Nursing Community Coalition, NNCC remains attuned to the needs of the nursing profession on a national scale, and supports collective action on behalf of the nursing workforce.

Protect and expand funding for the nursing workforce

NNCC is committed to protecting and expanding Title VIII Nursing Workforce Funding, as well as Nurse Corps Funding, with the understanding that both are essential to maintaining and advancing the backbone of the healthcare workforce, as well as expanding nurse-led care nationally.




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