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The Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) has been serving low-income first-time mothers in Philadelphia since 2001, and has been recognized by the NFP National Service Office and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for exemplary performance.

Nurse-Family Partnership is a national, evidence-based community health program. The program’s outcomes include long-term family improvements in health, education, and economic self-sufficiency. By helping to break the cycle of poverty, the Nurse-Family Partnership plays an important role in helping to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable members, build stronger communities, and leave a positive impact on this and future generations.

 of clients are between 20 to 24 years old 
of families are Black or African American
 Parents initiated breastfeeding 

In May 2020, NNCC created the Family Emergency Fund to provide critical financial support to families in the form of low-barrier, rapid response grants. 

The goals of the Family Emergency Fund are to:

  • Ensure safe and healthy housing
  • Maintain family stability and ensure children's safety
  • Support education and health care access

"The best part is having an amazing nurse who loves and cares for my child the way I do. And having a program that provides so much for my child to help with her early learning and development." - Emergency Fund Recipient

The Family Advocacy and Integrated Resources (FAIR) Project is an innovative new partnership to provide civil legal aid services and concrete needs support to families receiving home visiting services in Philadelphia, PA. As part of Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership, clients may be eligible to receive civil legal aid services and critical financial support.

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Mailing Address

Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership
4601 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139


Our mission is to empower first-time mothers living in poverty to successfully change their lives and the lives of their children through evidence-based nurse home visiting. Our goal is for children to be healthy, families to thrive, communities to prosper, and to break the cycles of poverty.

To qualify NFP clients must:

  1. Be having their first baby
  2. Be less than 28 weeks pregnant; we encourage families to enroll before 27 weeks
  3. Want to participate
  4. Live in Philadelphia
  5. Meet the income requirements