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Full Practice Authority

Nurse and patient

Advocating for expanded scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses.

Public Health Nursing

Nurse-Family Partnership family graduation

Expanding funding and support for evidence-based models of nurse-led care.

Housing & Health

Housing and health

Drawing critical connections between housing policy and health outcomes.




Centering Trauma Literacy in the Health Center Medical Home

20 December 2022 Housing is Health
This podcast and blog post is presented by the National Nurse-led Care Consortium (NNCC) and describes the unique needs of residents of public housing, underserved racial and ethnic communities, and...

Kansas Passes Full Practice Authority for APRNs

15 April 2022 Full Practice Authority
Governor Laura Kelly signed HB 2279 into law on Friday, making Kansas the 26th state to adopt full practice authority for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). This legislation enables APRNs t...

Leveraging Nurse Volunteers to Combat Vaccine Misinformation

11 April 2022 COVID-19
This episode and blog post are Part 2 of the final special report of our Vaccine Confidence Special Reports series on At the Core of Care. Over the course of three, two-part Special Reports, we have...

Introducing NNCC's Senior Director of Outreach and Advocacy

30 August 2021 Public Health Nursing
The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) recently created four new Senior Director roles to advance our mission to strengthen communities through nurse-led care. I sat down with Shukriyyah Mitch...




Supporting the Nursing Workforce

Empowering nurses to make positive change in the healthcare setting and beyond.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Leveraging funding, legislation, programming, and regulatory change for better care.

Increasing Healthcare Equity

Implementing strategies that address systemic forms of oppression to improve health.

Improving Environmental Health

Improving population health from inside the home, in our communities, to the global climate.

Public Health Vision for Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, our team of public health nurses works closely with a team of lawyers. Our team of nurses and lawyers worked directly with the people we serve in our community to create this public health policy agenda for Philadelphia.