Improving Environmental Health

Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership nurse and family at Penn Treaty Park, 2015

From widespread lead poisoning to a homelessness epidemic to a global climate crisis, NNCC understands that environmental health is one of the defining public health issues of our time. We advocate for policies that support environmental health at the micro, meso, and macro levels to help families live safe and healthy lives. These policies include:

Support lead law reform to protect children of all ages

NNCC supports legislation and testing that will ensure all children are shielded from lead exposure. As a member of Lead Free Philly, NNCC has advocated for policies to require lead testing in all Philadelphia homes built before 1978, regardless of whether they are a child’s  primary residence. NNCC also supports reform to lead blood-level testing requirements for children with private insurance.

Expand access to high quality, affordable housing

NNCC understands that quality housing and good health are inextricably linked. Click here to learn more about our housing work, including our “Housing is Health” blog.

Improve healthcare providers’ emergency preparedness

NNCC understands that environmental disasters in an increasingly unstable climate most affect under-resourced families and communities. NNCC supports policies that expand these families’ access to emergency preparedness resources and services. Health centers and community providers serve individuals often overlooked in the greater healthcare system, and continued support for these front-line providers is essential to maintain continuity of services for vulnerable communities. Click here to access our emergency preparedness resources.

Support policies that work to reduce the impact of climate change

Recognizing that changes to our global climate are poised to become the greatest public health threat of our time, NNCC is committed to supporting policies to reduce human impact on the climate and protect the health of under-resourced populations. On a local level, NNCC participates in the Philadelphia Department of Health’s Climate and Health Advisory Group. Nationally, NNCC is a member of the U.S. Climate and Health Alliance.




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