Housing and Health

As a member of the National Safe and Healthy House Coalition, and a Safe and Healthy Homes program provider, NNCC understands that quality housing and good health are inextricably linked. NNCC remains committed to expanding the accessibility of safe and affordable private and public housing, and to empowering families to create safer environments in their homes.

NNCC is a member of the Lead Free Philly Coalition, which worked to pass new lead laws in Philadelphia in October 2019, allowing more children than ever to be protected from lead poisoning. NNCC also works with Philadelphians Against Bed Bugs (PhABB), which has lobbied for tenant protections in the case of bed bug infestation. Our Nursing-Legal Partnership provides direct legal aid for under-resourced families experiencing housing instability, and our National Training and Technical Assistance Partnership (NTTAP) with the Health Resources and Services Administration provides training and resources on the links between health and public housing for community health centers.

You can read more about the intersection of housing and health at our monthly Housing is Health blog.




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