Nurses are the most trusted healthcare professionals in America, consistently rated highest in the country for their honesty and ethics. Not only do nurses play a vital role in the administration of vaccines, they are also essential for building vaccine confidence and trust. When nurses recommend a vaccine, their patients listen.

Nurses have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning and will continue to play a critical role as frontline workers, leaders, and educators. With the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines across the U.S., we are here to support the nursing workforce prepare for important conversations and decision-making. We strive to:

  • Provide the information you need to speak with members of your care team and your patients about COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Provide learning opportunities to hear from experts on up-to-date guidance, share experiences with nursing colleagues, and strengthen the nursing role.
  • Elevate the nursing voice by featuring everyday nurse champions.

Links for trusted vaccine information:

 NNCC's COVID-19 Resources 

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