Stigma and HCV: A Barrier to Successful Hepatitis C Diagnosis and Linkage to Care

May 17, 2022  01:00 PM  EST | Past Webinars |

Stigma that HCV positive patients carry can have tremendous impact on their social functioning, self-esteem, intimate relationships and cause anxiety that leads to avoidance of health care. This is mainly caused by lack of adequate information, current information and education. Reduction of stigma can be a motivator for patient treatment uptake. This webinar debunked common myths about HCV and HCV treatment, many that have carried over from the early days of HCV treatment. Patient fear and stigma from time of diagnosis through treatment was addressed, with emphasis on patient empowerment and education as tools to overcome them. Clinical staff learned how simplified HCV treatment guidelines can be used to eliminate HCV swiftly and effectively in their clinical settings with current treatments, while providing psychosocial support and continued harm reduction to prevent re-infection.

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