Successful Steps for Holistic Integration of Mental and Behavioral Health in Primary Care Learning Collaborative: Part Three

Nov 16, 2023  01:00 PM  EST | Past Webinars |

Integrating behavioral health services into primary care requires effective financial planning and a re-conceptualizing of how to determine ROI. Part 3 of the training focused on enhanced billing practices tailored to integrated healthcare models, and focused on how to determine the contribution of integrated BH to the finances of the primary care setting or the health system as a whole.

Learning Outcomes: As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply billing strategies in integrated healthcare models
  2. Analyze reimbursement optimization techniques
  3. Understand how to identify contributions to the bottom line that are outside of fee-for-service expectations.
Slide Deck: 

Session One: Recording

Aired: November 2, 2023

Session Two: Recording

Aired: Nov 9, 2023

Session Four: Recording

Aired: Nov 30, 2023


#NursesMakeChangeHappen Vaccine Toolkit

This toolkit was created to give nurses the tools to do their part in the national vaccine effort. It is designed to help you decrease vaccine hesitancy and increate vaccination rates in your community. 



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