NNCC joins 315 orgs urging Congress to fund public health infrastructure

Feb 16, 2021


On February 12, the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) joined 315 other leading health and public health organizations in calling on Congress to allocate $4.5 billion more long term, annual funding to create and sustain critical public health infrastructure. Recognizing that short-term, supplemental funding will not be sufficient to combat the pandemic or to prepare the US health workforce for our next public health emergency, advocates outlined a plan for a large, sustained investment in the next COVID-19 relief package. Funds would be used for epidemiology, policies and programs that increase health equity, disease surveillance, emergency preparedness, and community partnership development.

"The U.S. has followed a pattern of underfunding of vital public health services, followed by a crisis, a quick infusion of cash, and then dwindling investments over time. This pattern is placing American lives at risk. We must think not just of the short-term needs of this pandemic, but the long-term readiness of our nation."

NNCC will continue to advocate for policies and funding that strengthen the public health and nursing workforces, ensuring that we can continue the important work of reducing health inequity and protecting the nation's health. You can read the full letter below. 




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