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Mar 15, 2024 | Nurse-Led Care News |

NNCC AmeriCorps programs place members at organizations across Philadelphia and Pennsylvania that work to eradicate poverty through direct community engagement and program management.

AmeriCorps VISTA members serve for one year at nonprofit organizations and public agencies, where they support the expansion of community programming.

AmeriCorps Public Health Nursing Fellowship places members at community-based primary care and public health organizations, allowing them to develop the skills and cultural humility that will better prepare them for the public health nursing workforce. Through these programs, NNCC has improved health outcomes for the communities that they serve. Read about some of our current AmeriCorps members below:


Jaelyn Walker


While the importance of public health is undeniable, recognizing and appreciating the unique places and experiences of our community members is equally imperative. Drexel’s Community Wellness HUB has not only been a platform for public health initiatives but has also fostered moments of bonding and storytelling, creating a sense of unity and connection that I will forever cherish.
Jaelyn Walker

Jaelyn is an AmeriCorps Public Health Nursing Fellow at Drexel's Community Wellness HUB. There, she increases organizational support for the navigation of community resources related to social determinants of health.


Megan Kaliner

During my time at Sanctuary Farm, I had the opportunity to teach a handful of classes that were about maintaining overall wellness. Though the participants expressed that they had learned a lot, I felt like I had learned even more through the discussions we engaged in.
Megan Kaliner

Megan currently serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA member at Sanctuary Farm Philadelphia. In this role, she has built health promotion programs and expanded community programming for the North Philadelphia community.


Andy Lee

In persuading an initially skeptical landlord to lease their properties to newcoming refugees, I hope my impact extends beyond the individual impact of finding my clients' homes. I hope that with each interaction, I am dismantling biases and expectations of an often misrepresented community and fostering a societal openness to immigrants, one mind at a time.
Andy Lee

Andy serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA member at Nationalities Service Center, where he focuses on landlord outreach and engagement to improve housing incomes for recently arrived refugees and immigrants.


Megan Chiu

While serving, I was able to find and provide resources that target clothing insecurity, transportation assistance, and housing stability, among other necessities, to a struggling single mom and her family of 6.
Megan Chiu

Megan is an AmeriCorps Public Health Nursing Fellow for the PHMC Health Promotion Council and works to make appropriate referrals to community agencies and organizations for home visiting families.


Christine Randall


My positive experience has been meeting other AmeriCorps members along this journey. I participated in the conference in Texas where I was able to meet over one hundred like-minded service-oriented people from all walks of life. We shared our victories and defeats and learned what life may look like during our journey and how it could look after our AmeriCorps experience.
Christine Randall

Christine serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA member with the Community Engagement area of PHMC, building local partnerships to increase PHMC reach across the West Philadelphia community.


Jillian Van Doren

I learned a lot about patient stories and got to help with multiple teams to provide/improve patient-centered care via data-driven work.
Jillian Van Doren

Jillian serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA member at PHMC Health Network, where she supports PHMC health centers in expanding initiatives to ensure quality healthcare services to Philadelphia’s underserved communities.


Libby Nesmith

Working with AmeriCorps has provided me with a unique and enriching experience that combines service, professional growth, and personal fulfillment while making a significant difference in the lives of others. My time as a nurse in a low-economic population has presented unique challenges and opportunities, helping me learn how to show empathy and compassion towards their struggles and provide support beyond just medical care.
Libby Nesmith

Libby is an AmeriCorps Public Health Fellow at Delaware Valley Community Health Center. There, she connects health center patients to social determinants of health resources and also provides support for special projects such as the implementation of integrated care plans, Food Bucks, etc.


Learn More About the AmeriCorps Programs

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members serve with organizations that are working to eradicate poverty. The AmeriCorps Public Health Nursing Fellowship will provide undergraduate nursing students with community based primary care and public health clinical experiences serving vulnerable communities.



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About The Author

Kathryn Soll is a Public Health Project Coordinator with NNCC. She works closely with the AmeriCorps Programs.

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