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U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration has an open funding opportunity announcement entitled Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention (NEPQR) – Registered Nurses in Primary Care (RNPC) Training Program. The purpose of this four-year training program is to recruit and train nursing students and current registered nurses (RNs) to practice to the full scope of their license in community-based primary care teams to increase access to care, with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention and control, including mental health and substance use conditions. NNCC has extensive experience working with NEPQR grantees to build productive academic-clinical partnerships and to make their projects sustainable. Proposals are due 01/29/18, and projects will begin on 07/01/18.

Proposals due: 

Proposals are no longer being accepted. Please check back for other opportunities.


NNCC offers the following menu of services to potential and successful applicants for their NEPQR projects:

  • Sustainability Planning: NNCC staff can conduct initial and/or annual site visits to each NEPQR grantee, convening all relevant stakeholders (NEPQR project team, academic leadership, community partners) to plan for sustainability beyond the grant period. Each site visit would consist of 2 days of structured planning sessions, with a flexible schedule to allow for availability of local partners. NNCC staff will complete a report following the site visit, to aid in the drafting of the sustainability plan in year one, and revision of the plan in year two. The report will at a minimum, include a SWOT analysis, identify strategies for sustainability, key steps needed to pursue high priority strategies, additional resources available, and identify entities responsible for carrying out each key step (including NEPQR staff and NNCC staff).
  • Peer Mentoring: NNCC can connect each NEPQR grantee with at least one peer mentor who has specific expertise relevant to that grantee’s challenges and project goals. The peer mentors will provide advice (remote or on site as needed, including participating in site visits) on sustainability leveraging their decades of experience growing and sustaining academic and community
  • Professional Development: NNCC has established training services on care team formation and optimization that can assist clinics, established RNs, and RN students to maximize the role of RNs within interdisciplinary teams. NNCC can work with grantees to develop a training plan that works for their individual needs.
  • Dissemination: Share the findings of your NEPQR project at NNCC's annual member conference during a one-day grantee meeting. Our annual meeting will provide you with an opportunity to workshop with other NEPQR grantees and meet with federal representatives. NNCC will also provide opportunities for NEPQR grantees to present their own work for feedback from NNCC and peers.

If you are interested in engaging NNCC for any of the above services, or have questions about how NNCC can support your proposed project, please contact Alex Lehr O’Connell, Senior Strategic Advisor and Special Projects Director, at , or 215-821-4004.



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