New Nursing Podcast Series Highlights Pennsylvania Nurses

Sep 12, 2019 | Nurse-Led Care News |

The Pennsylvania Action Coalition is excited to announce “At the Core of Care,” a new podcast series that highlights the creative efforts of nurses and their partners to meet the health and health care needs of patients, families, and communities. “At the Core of Care” weaves together themes of diversity, leadership, and practice innovation in nursing, while staying focused on the consumer experience.

Through four episodes, those at the core of care tell the stories of different health care situations, including sexual assault nurse examiners; breastfeeding clients from the Philadelphia Nurse-Family partnership; nurses as they attempt to ease state restrictions on the profession; and those involved in home care for medically complex children.

The stories are based in Pennsylvania but tell a much bigger story about important trends shaping health and health care across America.

It was an amazing experience to sit down and speak with so many incredible people about the work they do and how nursing impacts their lives. Here’s a preview of what to expect in the first season:

Episode 1: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

This episode takes a look at sexual assault nurse examiners in Pennsylvania. Few healthcare providers are trained to do this work, which requires a timely and skilled healthcare response that addresses physical and mental health. Examiners must also be trained on the forensic and legal component so they can collect evidence that can hold up in court. An innovative program out of Penn State University, the SAFE-T Center closes a gap in services offering telehealth support for medical practices in rural and underserved areas.

Episode 2: Breastfeeding Support at the Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership

The Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based home visiting program that serves new mothers and families. They offer support for new mothers who are struggling with breastfeeding. In this episode we hear from nurses and the moms who were in this program about their challenges, and how their nurse helped them.

Episode 3: The Fight for Full Practice Authority in Pennsylvania

Nurse practitioners are educated and trained to provide primary care services, but state law creates barriers for them to care for patients. Pennsylvania has some of the best nursing schools in the country. Why doesn't the state allow graduates to practice to the full extent of their education? Nurse practitioners across Pennsylvania have fought for years to modernize the state's nursing law. In this episode, we speak to nurses as they gather in Harrisburg to meet with lawmakers and advocate for themselves and their patients at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners’ Lobby Day.

Episode 4: Pediatric Home Care for Medically Complex Children

This episode focuses on the unique challenges of pediatric home care for medically complex children. Retaining nurses in this complex field can be difficult. This episode takes us to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and features one of the most interesting interviews of the series with a nurse who was inspired to pursue pediatric care because she is also the mother of a child who needs 24-hour care. She works tirelessly as a nurse, mother, and advocate for families like her own through the Technology Assisted Children’s Home Program.

Listen to a Preview

The At the Core of Care podcast series is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Action Coalition. Funding is provided by AARP and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action Innovations Fund. The Pennsylvania Action Coalition is partnering with Kouvenda Media, a social change multimedia production company, to facilitate all interviews with project partners who will be featured in the podcast series. The Pennsylvania Action Coalition is housed in the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium, a subsidiary of the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC).

Please subscribe today on your favorite podcast app and listen to the full first season today.




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