Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care for Special Populations

Feb 27, 2019  02:00 PM  EST

As opioid misuse and injection drug use rates continue to rise across the country, health care providers must consider new and innovative approaches to integrate behavioral health care into the primary care setting. Health centers serve more than 27 million patients across the country, and are a critical resource for the nation’s most underserved and at-risk populations. By incorporating behavioral health into the portfolio of healthcare services, health centers play an important role in increasing access to care for patients with substance use disorder. This learning collaborative provided health center participants with tools and resources to integrate behavioral health into their practice, especially for patients with substance use disorders. 


Module 1: Assessing Health Center Capacity

Module 2: Patient Engagement in Behavioral Health Integration

Module 3: Promising Practices in Behavioral Health Integration

Module 4: Goal Setting for your Health Center


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