Optimizing Care for Residents of Public Housing

Dec 07, 2018  02:00 PM  EST

Since 2014, all health centers must report whether or not they are located in or are accessible to public housing on the UDS report (table 4, line 26). This requirement necessitates an assessment of a health center’s accessibility to public housing, but it also prompts health center staff to consider the ways in which patients who are residents of public housing are engaged and access care both within and outside of the clinic walls.

NNCC has administered three learning collaboratives with cohorts of health center participants (and other community partners) to identify opportunities to enhance services for residents of public housing. Recordings of these trainings are below. 


Module 1: Utilizing UDS Mapper to Complete Public Housing on the UDS Report

Module 2: Data-Driven Programming to Optimize Care for Residents of Public Housing

Module 3: Best Practices in Health Center and Public Housing Authority Partnership

Module 4: Tools and Resources to Optimize Care for Residents


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