Advancing Nursing in 2024: State Legislation to Watch

Dec 20, 2023 | Policy Blog |

The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium's advocacy for nurse-led care and person-centered care continues as legislatures return in the new year. Learn more about the bills we're watching next year:

  • Increasing Availability of Emergency Childcare in Pennsylvania (HR219): a resolution directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study of emergency childcare and provide recommendations. This passed out of the Children & Youth Committee in October 2023 and is on the House agenda.
  • Pregnant, Lactating and Parenting Pupils Protection (HR994): among other supports for parenting students, this bill would support parenting students to pump milk at school. This bill was assigned to the House Education Committee.
  • Accessibility to Menstrual Hygiene Products (HR850): this bill would expand SNAP to cover menstrual hygiene items and diapers.
  • The Family Care Act (HR181): this bill would establish a paid family medical leave insurance fund in Pennsylvania. It is currently in Appropriations Committee for amendments.
  • Fresh Food Financing Initiative (HR580): this would create a state fund to offer grants in order to incentivize fresh food vendors to sell fresh food in underserved communities.
  • The CROWN Act (HB1394): this bill would protect workers from discrimination related to their hair type, hair texture, or hairstyle. It was passed by the House in October 2023 and was sent to the Senate.
  • Modernization of the Professional Nursing Law (SB25): among other things, this bill would allow Nurse Practitioners full practice authority in Pennsylvania. It is currently in Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee.



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