One Family's Story of Advocating for Nurse Home Visitors

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On January 31st, 2024, our Nurse Advocacy Manager Joy Ahn led a number of Nurse Home Visitors and families in advocacy during the 2024 National Home Visiting Summit. The time spent before legislators included the personal stories of our nurses and the families they work with.

One family that joined Joy during the Summit was Janae Blakeley’s family, consisting of herself and her two sons. They spoke to representatives, explaining the impact the nurse home visitors and NNCC programs have had on their lives. Janae joined Mabel Morris Family Home Visit Program (Mabel Morris) when she had her second son. After visiting with legislators, Janae sat down with us to explain the impact nurse home visitors, and specifically her nurse’s work as a Community Clinic Systems Integration nurse with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), has had on her family. Read below:

How did you first hear about Mabel Morris?

I was referred to home visiting services by my primary care physician when I was pregnant with my first son, Haseer. I didn’t know much about home visiting before that but started working with a nurse and learning more. It was when I was pregnant with my second son, Khalif, that I received another referral from the Department of Human Services for Mabel Morris and started to see an immense impact the program had on my life. The Mabel Morris program has helped me and my sons in many distinct aspects of our lives - mentally, physically, and as a new mom navigating the parenting world.

What were your expectations for having a healthcare professional come to your home?

In the beginning, I was incredibly nervous because I didn’t know what type of person the nurse would be. After meeting my first nurse for the first time in the Mabel Morris program, I was confident that the program would be able to help me. The nurse made me feel very comfortable about the program and she was incredibly informative. We set up family goals for my family, and I set up goals for myself and what I wanted to achieve while I completed the program. I have now had two nurses within the last three years, and they were both amazing. The nurses were beyond helpful to myself and my children. My current nurse even goes a step beyond our home visits because she works closely with my son's pediatric provider and is a part of his care team at CHOP to ensure that he gets the best care. I can’t say enough how grateful I am that God placed these nurses in my life and placed me in this program.



Can you tell us more about working with CHOP, and having the whole medical team communicate with each other?

During this time in my son's life, I felt like I needed someone by my side through the medical process and that if I had another listening ear in the room, it would help. And when my nurse became a part of my care team, it did. I made my son's team aware that I had a nurse home visitor who works with CHOP, and she was either going to join the appointments or read all the notes and assist me with his care. I am beyond grateful, with every bone in my body, that my nurse and the Mabel Morris program came alongside me and his medical team and have been advocating for our healthcare.

Have you noticed changes in your life since you started the program.

These programs have assisted me in all aspects of my family’s lives, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. I have faced challenge after challenge while I’ve been working with my nurses, and they’ve been with me every step of the way. I had instances of no running water, no electricity, and no heat. These were major events that impacted me and my children, and my nurses never stopped trying to help. They would go out of their way after hours to make sure my family was fine and protected. And the legal team has been amazing; they assisted me with my job, with the doctors, and even with my landlord. But the ultimate change in my life this program has given me is peace and comfort. I feel like the program is a part of my family. I truly believe anyone who joins this program and lets the nurses help them in the system will appreciate all that is done for them.

What is your favorite part of being a part of Mabel Morris?

I don’t feel like I can pick a specific part of the program, I think the entire program is amazing. This program has given me so much assistance and help, I wouldn’t change one detail. The nurses, the mental health team, and the legal team - everyone is amazing. It’s a blessing and from me and my family, I thank you all for your help and support.


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