William Penn Foundation Announces $5.4M Grant to Connect Philadelphia Families Enrolled in Home Visiting Programs to Emergency Funds and Free Legal Services

Sep 12, 2022 | Nurse-Led Care News |

The William Penn Foundation awarded a $5.4 million grant to the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) to expand its Family Support Fund and its Nursing-Legal Partnership, which provide critical financial and legal support to Philadelphians enrolled in NNCC’s home visiting programs for families with young children. This significant grant enables NNCC to collaborate with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the providers of over a dozen other evidence-based and evidence-informed home visiting programs to expand the financial and legal resources to 2,100 more Philadelphia families with young children over the next two years – connecting approximately 1,500 families with legal support and 600 with funds to support urgent needs that cannot be met with other funding sources.

NNCC’s work to expand the Family Support Fund and Nursing-Legal Partnership to more home visiting programs in Philadelphia is known as the Family Advocacy and Integrated Resources (FAIR) Project. NNCC, a subsidiary of Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen community health. NNCC operates the Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership, a home visiting program serving low-income first-time parents from pregnancy through age two, and the Mabel Morris Family Program, serving parents who are raising children under age five.

Home visiting programs range in focus from prenatal health to infant care, early learning, positive parenting, or other areas of family and child well-being. They are united by a strategy to meet families where they are. Professionals, such as nurses or early learning experts, visit families at home and build a trusting relationship over time during the earliest years of a child’s life. About 2,500 Philadelphia families participate each year in over a dozen evidence-based or evidence-informed, voluntary home visiting programs operated by organizations across the city.

Because of their frequent visits and trusted role in a family’s life, home visitors are uniquely aware of a family’s particular circumstances, strengths, and challenges. NNCC designed the Family Support Fund to help home visitors provide critical financial support to families in the form of low-barrier, rapid response grants to cover necessities related to the health and safety of families, such as housing, utilities, food, and beds.

"Legal issues and unexpected financial needs can have an outsize impact on family stability and safety, especially during pregnancy and early childhood. When we’re able to connect families to personalized resources to resolve these issues in real time, they are better positioned to experience the benefits that evidence-based home visiting has to offer.”
Sarah Hexem Hubbard, NNCC Executive Director

The Nursing-Legal Partnership, which NNCC has offered to participants of its two home visiting programs since 2016, helps to identify and resolve a wide variety of legal issues faced by families, including helping participants access unemployment benefits or obtain or retain nutrition benefits, and preventing clients’ evictions and supporting them in other housing related issues. 

The William Penn Foundation supports Philadelphia children’s early learning – concentrating on the years between birth and age eight – including funding for resources and programs that help families engage in early learning opportunities at home with children. Among many other investments supporting early childhood in Philadelphia, the Foundation supports home visiting, investing more than $7 million since 2016 to help programs improve quality, support staff development, and reach more families. Home visiting has also received increasing public support at the local, state, and federal levels. 

You can read more about the grant here. 

Update January 2023: You can visit our FAIR Project program page here


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