NNCC's Chief NP Officer is Featured on the "Relational Rounds" Podcast

Oct 08, 2018 | Nurse-Led Care News |

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Cheryl Fattibene, the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium's Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, is an experienced nurse practitioner who has worked in both the for-profit and non-profit health care sectors as a provider and a clinical leader. Cheryl brings a nurse’s perspective on how to approach a new era of healthcare. Her experiences overseas as well as with migrant people in the U.S. have contributed to her innovative and integrative perspective over the healthcare system where a team-based care is the necessary direction.

Cheryl was recently featured on the Relational Rounds podcast. In this episode Cheryl discusses her personal story, how to improve healthcare by making real connections, and making an impact locally.

Relational Rounds features conversations with leading minds and powerful disruptors on some of the most pressing issues facing primary care and healthcare transformation.



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Justin Gero, MS was the Senior Manager of Public Affairs at the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium. He  was with the organization from 2016-2021.

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