New York Becomes 25th State with Full Practice Authority

Apr 11, 2022 | Full Practice Authority |

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Upon signing the state budget into law on Saturday, Governor Kathy Hochul made New York the 25th state to adopt full practice authority for nurse practitioners (NPs). This legislation enables NPs to provide the full scope of care they are trained and licensed to give. Full practice authority removes unnecessary barriers to care, empowering NPs to treat their patients free of outdated regulatory restrictions. NNCC celebrates this important change in New York, and commends the tireless work of healthcare advocates in the state towards this goal.

"I congratulate the state of New York as they become the 25th state to implement full practice authority. This nurse-led model of care is endorsed by a variety of stakeholders and bipartisan groups of elected officials because it is proven to deliver on expanded access to quality healthcare at a lower cost."
Sarah Hexem Hubbard, Executive Director of the National Nurse-Led Care Consortium

Two states, Massachusetts and Delaware, enacted full practice authority in 2021, and many others currently have bills moving through their state legislatures. Forbes noted that across the U.S., "state lawmakers and health policy makers during the pandemic found nurse practitioners were needed to increase access to primary care and vaccinations amid a shortage of doctors and other healthcare workers." New York joins several other states in making these changes permanent, and ensures that New Yorkers will have expanded access to high quality, nurse-led care. 

Twenty-five states continue to uphold unnecessary barriers to high quality, nurse-led care. Please visit our advocacy page for more information on the fight for full practice authority in legislatures across the country.



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